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Maintenance of airport technological equipment

Highly qualified specialists of "SVA Group" Company carry out a qualitative installation of equipment at airports and the comprehensive servicing of airports’ technological equipment.  Competence of our specialists allows us to work with all types of the ad hoc life-support systems of airports. Our brigade of experienced experts will quickly and qualitatively conduct an installation of equipment for automatic sorting of loads, carry out the necessary the commissioning works and put the object into operation.
Our staff includes the best engineering and technical design personnel – the real specialists in the field of servicing the high-tech systems used throughout aviaregiment. Our experts-installers can handle any task, whether it is installation of automatic gates’ structures or other technological support systems of the airport.
Our company is able to install quickly the equipment of airports, to perform the adjustment or repair works, commissioning, as well as to render their further service support.
Taking into account an enormous flow of freight daily passing through the airports of Russia, our Company has long ago mastered such a service as an installation of conveyor lines corresponding to a more even distribution of cargoes’ and baggage traffic at an airport.